Wood as a building material

Wood is light but sturdy and is therefore extremely versatile in its application - a high performance material from nature with different degrees of strength and rigidity.

Modern wood products have optimized construction and static properties. 


The practically unlimited possibilities of shaping wood make it possible to produce elegant and extraordinary constructions. 


As wood absorbs water and is breathable, it provides a pleasant room climate the whole year round. 


Wood is electrostatic neutral and non-conductive. 


Due to its low heat conductivity, wood possesses very good insulating properties.

The heat insulation provided by a thin 10 cm solid wooden wall is equivalent to that of a concrete wall 160 cm thick. Even at a relatively low ambient temperature a wooden surface feels pleasantly warm. 


Wood may become wet, but it must be able to dry again. If this is taken into account then wood will last for an almost unlimited period.