Everything revolved around timber from the very beginning:
The company was founded as a sawmill with three employees. 
The first step for processing wood was taken and the manufacturing of finger-jointed window frames began. 
The sawmill was rebuilt and the capacity was expanded. At the same time the first plant in Europe was established for the industrial manufacturing of edge-glued panels.
We became the first company in Europe to industrially manufacture glulam. 
At the same time the company was divided into two areas of business: Mosser Leimholz GmbH concentrated on processing timber and Mosser Holzindustrie GmbH concentrated on the sawmill area. 
The Perwarth Fohlenhof facility was commissioned as the second location of Mosser Leimholz GmbH. 
Our company became the first timber processor in Austria to become PEFC-certified. 

A further increase in the glulam sector.

At the same time a modern office building is constructed and the company headquarters are moved to Fohlenhof 2, 3263 Randegg, Austria.

The one millionth cubic meter Mosser glulam is produced, re-enforcing our leading position in the sector of high quality glued wood products. 
The new sawmill in Wolfpassing/Zarnsdorf is put into operation. During the rebuild, the sawmill was equipped with the very latest technology, and its capacity was significantly increased.
Major investments bring all laminated timber production facilities in line with the state of the art.
The plant is modernized to produce finger-jointed battens.
The training and conference center is opened at the Fohlenhof 2 location.
Mosser has been crowned winner in the round timber category as a part of
the PEFC`s sustainability campaign "20 years PEFC".
This recognition gives us an incentive to continue actively implementing sustainability and environmental protection measures within the company.
Joinery system commissioned. Our customers can now also be supplied with ready hardened glued laminated board and ceiling elements.

Saw line expanded to include an additional trimmer and two additional band saws

Second drying channel put into operation


Cross-laminated timber plant goes into operation

New workshop buildings built at the Perwarth plant



We celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2024. Mosser can look back on a long history of success as a company. From its beginnings as a small sawmill, Mosser has developed into one of Europe’s leading glued laminated and sawn timber suppliers and is now managed by the 4th generation of the entrepreneurial family.