Wooden briquettes

Wooden briquettes are the contemporary, intelligent method of heating:

economical, environmentally friendly and convenient.


Wooden briquettes are suitable for tiled stoves, fireplaces, slow combustion stoves, kitchen ranges and wood-fired central heating.


Mosser wooden briquettes have established themselves as an absolute premium product on the market.


They meet a consistently high-quality standard that is regularly inspected. It goes without saying that Mosser has all of the relevant marks of conformity, which can be accessed in the Download Center.


Shavings from planing and sawdust from the wood industry are compressed under high pressure to form compact wooden briquettes, without the use of any adhesive agents. Mosser wooden briquettes impress with their extremely good burning characteristics and excellent heat values. Burning at a high temperature leaves practically no residue. This is advantageous as only small amounts of ash are produced and the combustion chamber largely remains clean.


Wooden briquettes are packaged in recyclable PE film. The weight of the packaging is only 0.3% of the product weight.


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