Sustainability at Mosser

Sustainability put into Practice

Mosser is actively facing the challenges posed by one of the most important topics of our age, sustainability, by implementing a range of company-wide measures, thus helping it to lay the groundwork for a better tomorrow.

We regard the trend towards increased sustainability as an opportunity to promote early innovation and development opportunities.

Identifying our sustainability data helps us to better define our strategic sustainability goals for the future. By doing this, we are in a position to be able to assess contributions towards increased sustainability and document all steps taken. We see this as a basis to further expand our commitment to increased climate protection.



A number of projects have already been successfully put into practice within the company:

  • All lighting throughout the company has been replaced with energy-saving LED lighting to increase overall energy efficiency and reduce the company’s energy use.
  • By gradually replacing our fleet of side loaders with electric forklift trucks, the installation of a charging station, and the use of electric vehicles for covering short and medium-range distances in the future, we are making a real contribution towards climate-friendly and future-oriented electromobility.
  • Awareness of sustainability forms the core focus of our operations across all business areas. Because of this, 100% of our production is powered by energy from renewable sources:
    • The power we use comes exclusively from sustainable sources and largely from hydropower.
    • The process heat we use comes from biomass.


We continuously invest in measures to protect our climate. Sustainability and innovation are key factors in our company’s success.